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Chief 8


2009 KME Pumper/Tanker. 1250 GPM Waterous Pump / 1000 Gal. Tank 25 Gallon Foam System
Engine 81 is the first “new attack pumper” purchased by the Lake Gaston VFD. This vehicle serves as the first due piece of apparatus on almost every call that Lake Gaston VFD responds to. Engine 81 is equipped to carry 8 firefighters, including 5 with SCBA. Engine 81 has a top mount pump operators panel, 5 pre-connected hose lines, pre-piped deck gun, a quick dump for tanker operations, 5000 watts of scene lighting, and carries a 3000 Gallon drop tank. 81 is also equipped with various EMS equipment including backboards, oxygen and an AED.


1985 Pierce Pumper/Tanker. 1000 Waterous Pump / 1000 Gal. Tank.
Engine 82 serves at the second due engine to all structure fires within the Lake Gaston VFD district. Once released from a fire scene, Engine 82’s mission is to locate and establish a draft site at the closest water source. Engine 82 carries 5 firefighters, including 3 with SCBA. 82 has a top mount pump operators panel, 4 pre-connected hose lines and a quick dump for tanker operations.


1994 KME Pumper/Tanker. Hale 1250 gpm Pump / 1250 Gal. Tank.


1988 Chevrolet K30 6 Wheel Drive Brush Truck. 250 GPM pump / 300 Gal. Tank.
Brush 86 is the primary vehicle for all wild land and urban interface fires. Brush 86 has a 6-wheel-drive utility body with multiple compartments and is equipped to carry 3 firefighters. Brush 86 is equipped with numerous wild land firefighting tools, a 10,000 lb front PTO Winch, and has 2 pre-connected hose lines and a round the pump foam system.


1992 Grumman 75′ Snorkel Truck.
Ladder 8 was acquired in 2008 and put into service in early 2009. It is a 75′ Articulating Boom Platform with a pre-piped 1000 gpm waterway. Ladder 8 responds 2nd due to all multi level structure fires within the Lake Gaston VFD fire district. As a multi purpose vehicle Ladder 8 also responds 2nd due to all motor vehicle accidents on highway roads within the primary fire district. Ladder 8 is equipped to carry 7 firefighters, including 4 with SCBA. Ladder 8 is equipped with numerous rescue, overhaul and salvage tools as well as various equipment needed for rope and high angle rescue.

Support/ Squad 88

1995 GMC Suburban.
Support 88 is equipped to carry up to 8 Firefighters. The primary use of support 88 is to serve as the Department’s carry all and is used to transport firefighters to the scene of the fire when it might not be possible to get a larger vehicle in place. Support 88 is also a State Certified BLS (Basic Life Support) Non-transport EMS vehicle. It serves as a back up to Squad 8 in the case of 2nd calls.

Squad 8

1991 Ford F-350 DieselGrumman Crash Truck Body
Squad 8 is a State Certified BLS (Basic Life Support) Non- Transport EMS vehicle. It is primarily used by our BLS First Responder Crew as it responds to Medical and trauma EMS calls. It also responds with the Fire Department to motor vehicle accidents, in district structure fires and in district water rescue / dive calls. Squad 8 is equipped with a 6500 watt Yamaha Silent Diesel Generator, two portable and two telescoping halogen lights for scene lighting, Ramsey bumper mounted wench and has 4-wheel drive.


1980 Utility Trailer.
Hazmat 8 was supplied to the Lake Gaston VFD by Mecklenburg County. Hazmat 8 responds with Engine 81 to all Hazardous materials incidents within the Primary Fire district for the Lake Gaston VFD. Hazmat 8 is equipped to contain most small spills on land or water.