Volunteers Needed! 
Fire Fighters, EMS providers, EVOC drivers, Auxiliary, or help with any fundraising events.
Download our 
Membership Application and bring it to the station any Monday night between 7-9 p.m.

Firematic Officers

801-Chief Eric Carley

802-Asst. Chief Doug Blanton

803-Deputy Chief John Zubrod

804-Captian Austin Elmore

805- 1st Lieutenant Jeff Burnell

806- 2nd Lieutenant Harry Costa

807-Engineer Matt Carley

Safety Officer Joe Kozlowski

EMS Officers

808-Captian Scott Emerick

809-1st Lieutenant 

810-2nd Lieutenant Michael Coughlin

Administrative Officers

President Doug Blanton

Vice President Darren Morefield

Treasurer Harry Costa

Secretary Joe Kozlowski

Co-Chaplin Ray Franck

Co-Chaplin John Zubrod